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Informal company rescue is most useful where the company's situation is not disastrous, but where there has been a dip in performance - be it sales, profits, or both - or some industry change.

The chances of saving companies if these trends are detected and acted upon early on is very high. However this is a non-linear relationship, in that to act 12 months out from the critical event stands a far better chance than acting 6 months out, and 6 months out from 3 months out etc. It might be ten times easier, for example, to save the company knowing the problem and acting on it 6 months from it becoming insolvent to 1 month from this event.

The returns to creditors are generally very much higher in informal turnarounds, rescues or workouts than in a formal company rescue process which involves the law. We have expertise and a track record of turning round companies that were about to close, and in one example a company where everyone had been made redundant was resurrected and still operating several years later. If you feel you have a problem, no matter how slight, why not give us a call and we will come and see you at no cost or obligation for the first consultation.

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